Welcome to the world of digital sports cards!

Discover now my awesome NFT (Non Fungible Tokens) 3D sports cards, they are WOW!

Each of my digital sport cards represent a time of my sports life. My cards are either an animated picture or video with some epic sound.

The cards are 100% secured as they are distributed via blockchain technology. Isn't that cool? Yes it is!

They are two types of card: the ones I give out for FREE and exclusive one you can buy.

So owning one of my sports card makes you possessing a part of my life and guaranties you being the owner of that specific asset. Of course you can sell my cards at anytime.

Different cards have been created. They are accessible 24/7 on OpenSea.io marketplace (iceXpaul). No worry about Gas fees, my cards don't have any on that platform!

By getting a free or buying one of my 3D sports cards, you don't only possess a great and unique iceXpaul digital asset, but you directly support me to further progress in the sport with my project iceXpaul.

My NFT card collections are limited editions. Depending on which card sets you own, you get different privileges and can earn exclusive reward. Discover the reward system below.

Most of my cards are for FREE! Don't wait long, they will not be enough cards for everyone.

Limited edition - get your cards now!

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