Paul Aegerter

About me

My name is Paul Aegerter and my nickname on tour is iceXpaul. I am South African and live in Zurich Switzerland. One of the greatest places to train for Ice Cross Downhill because of its proximity to wonderful mountains and loads of sports facilities (ice rinks, skate parks, pumptracks, ski slopes, downhill tracks,...).

In 2019, I had a fantastic dream, that's why I decided to start my career in Ice Cross Downhill. The dream is about involving myself in that extreme sport, motivating the next generation to participate in the sport, forming a team for South Africa and one day taking that team to the Olympics!

Last season 2019/2020, I started at ranking #374. After five races, I ended at World Ranking 95 (season ranking #87). Will I reach a top 64 ranking?

Let's support me on the track side as well as on TikTok; Facebook and Instagram so that the fantastic dream becomes reality.


My goals


personal investment


motivate next generation


form team south africa


take team to olympics

My statistics at the Red Bull Ice Cross World Championship:

Media - 05.02.2021

Advertisement video with my main sponsor Zebrabox. Check the 1st video and tell me what you think. Available in German & English. Watch here - 14.01.2021

Discover now the full interview made by the local newspaper Zolliker Zumiker Bote. Available in German:

Title Filename Type Size
Ice-Cross-Downhill-Fuer-Suedafrika-am-Start-Zolliker-Zumiker.pdf Ice-Cross-Downhill-Fuer-Suedafrika-am-Start-Zolliker-Zumiker.pdf application/pdf 505,39kB - 04.01.2021

Discover now the full interview made by Galaxus. Available in English, German, French and Italien. Read it online here - 21.02.2020

Discover what Migros Magazin says about side sports. Available in German:

Title Filename Type Size
Schneesport-Schweizermeister.pdf Schneesport-Schweizermeister.pdf application/pdf 2,06MB
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