Ice Cross Downhill

South Africa

Ice Cross

What is Ice Cross Downhill?

That extreme winter sport was founded in 2001 in Sweden. Since 2010 the sport has a World Championship with races in different categories and level of difficulties

Riders a equipped with an ice hockey equipment and wear ice hockey skates, to ride down an ice track full of obstacles. A track is 4 meters wide and can be up to 500 meters long

Four riders compete against each other in heats. The first two passing the finish line are moving to the next heat. So on until the finals

Ice Cross Downhill is an extreme sport full of action that will let your heart beat super fast :-)

I compete for South Africa (as an active member of Swiss Ice Cross). My world ranking 2023: #57

(2022: #87; 2019-21: #374)

My goal 2024: Top 50 in World ranking

Feel free to follow me @iceXpaul on TikTok; YOUTUBE; FACEBOOK and INSTAGRAM . I enjoy comments, so write as much as you like. I will always answer


ATSX Ice Cross World Championship:

Ice Cross League - my statistics:

Red Bull Ice Cross Igora Russia


44th place

Red Bull Ice Cross Moscow Russia


Cancelled due to my injury in Italy

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