Snow Cross


Snow Cross

What is Snow Cross vs Snow Skating?

It is an fun winter sport which is very popular in the USA and Asia. Now becoming very popular in Europe.

Basically Snow Skating is a sport categorized in between skiing and ice skating, but on ski slopes. It feels like ice skating on a ski slope. An incredible sensation of freedom.

The sport is really affordable as you only need some snow skates, ski wear, goggle and a good helmet. That's it... Just have fun!

Snow skating has it competition format which is called Snow Cross. I participated at the Snow Cross World Championship 2023. I compete for Switzerland.

My world rankings 2023: Downhill #10 - Freestyle #5

Switzerland: #1

My goal 2024: World ranking Top 5 (Downhill) - Top 3 (Freestyle) and travel the world to show what snow skating is

Learning Snow Skating: very easy!

Would you like to try Snow Skates and discover that hybrid fun sport?

You are not sure how to use your new Snow Skates?

You would like someone to guide you safely thru the first time on the slopes?

Easy just book your private lesson and after only one day you will be able to Snow Skate!

No Snow Skates yet? No problem, I rent them as well

Corporate: team event, team building, teambuilding, company event, speaker --> on demand

Private lesson packages

2 hours

Beginner / Advanced

4 hours

Beginner / Advanced

8 hours

Beginner / Advanced


Price for a pair of Snow Skates including Walkers (per package): CHF 60.-

Available Snow Skates sizes: S (EUR 37-39); M (EUR 40-43); L (44-47)



Sport equipment


Snowskates Federation

Tomsen Sports

Sport equipment

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